22 May, 2011

House Tour Update

I posted a house tour last year, but we've re-arranged as the need arose & as things & schedules changed, so I took a few more pictures to add. Here's a video of when we put in the woodstove, it shows the living room in live action. But, here's the girl's room. We got rid of the crib in Victor's room after realizing that Miranda could sleep just as safe in the trundle bed, so he's got his own room now & the princess prints fit in nicely for 2 girls.

This is how Charlotte "makes" her bed. I had the hardest time trying to figure out a way to make a bunkbed w/ rails. Victor just sleeps in a sleeping bag to avoid the chore & Charlottes comforter is also folded in half like a sleeping bag. We just pull it smooth in the morning to avoid tucking & then she lays her friends down.

I think Victor has the coolest room.

He's got his own little office right here. The book case was in the girls room, but Charlotte went on a book ripping spree so she lost literary access for quite awhile. The only single drawback is that his bed is so high that the sheets can only be changed w/ a great deal of difficulty. He also cracks his head on the ceiling at least once a month.

While up high & changing his sheets one day, I noticed all of the cats. The 2 brown tins on the little shelf are of cats in antique (spanish?) fancy dress. There is another colored picture of an alleycat on the wall that you can't see. There is an orange cat on the dresser from Bahrain, a black cat windchime from Va. Beach over the dresser & a Kit Kat clock from the Great Depression. No, it's a replica. And the weird beach towel tapestry from his late great grandma. If you didn't know the boy, you would thing cats were the dearest thing to his 5 year old heart instead of war, battles & soldiering.

Unable to resist, I asked, "Victor, do you like cats?" "I like them, but I like Star Wars & battle & robots better." "Would you like a passel of war kittens?"

If you don't have tv, you won't get it & if my commercial reference is that out of date, well, that's about where we quit watching tv. His eyes totally lit up & I felt remorse for having to crush his hopes.

Here is the slightly different living room since we've put in the stove. On mom's visit, she gave me some exquisate doilies & things hand made by my great great grandmother. Mike isn't big on doilies, but I thought that the one on the book case, the runner & the curtains made it look much cozier.

Miranda into mischief. I changed out that little nautical clock for the one in the kitchen since we changed out coffee pots & w/ it, our only reliable kitchen clock.

From the entryway. Hmm, maybe it's joint mischief.

Where I am sitting now, the office/ tool shed w/ Mike's "me" wall. See the calvary sword? He wasn't always a boatie snipe.

School drawers & files. The little table in the girls room has since been moved into the office. It seems like furniture keeps getting moved out of there, but honestly, when the trundle is pulled out there isn't alot of space in there. I generally don't get to it on Sunday's & our go-to-town day.

That concludes the tour for 2011, who knows what next year holds?

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Anonymous said...

nice double wide. i love mine. thanks 4 sharing pictures of ur home