11 March, 2011

Survivning Off Off-Grid Review

To start w/ the negatives:

I received my copy on the 9th which was a little distressing because I was getting anxious. I saw it had come all of the way from Ky. so I would suggest having a book bomb date that doesn't include weekend shipping. And...

There are no more negatives, this book is fantastic. In all seriousness America, if you like a mind-bender this book is it. I really don't know what to say about it that the author & several more qualified reviewers haven't already gone into. It is a more "how-to-think" book. I fully expect it to make a stir on par w/ Thomas Paine's Common Sense as it did in 1776. This is how our great-great-(another great, give or take. I'm only 29.) grandparents thought.

Collectively as a nation we are wrong in nearly every aspect; we know it, bemoan the fact, trash talk the younger generation w/out taking responsibility & continue to wallow in the mire of our own making as the morass gets thicker every year. This book shatters the innocence ignorance creates & holds you, the reader accountable for your own contribution to the collective SNAFU.

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