24 October, 2010

No Pressure

No it's not a zombie movie. Another reason to homeschool found; the environmental agenda. I fervently believe that when God said to subdue the Earth His intent was not to cut into the earth for strip mining, or having everything depend on oil or have miles of feedlot genetically modified cattle, pigs, chicken, etc. Mass production, consumption, etc. The farm/ family self sustaining model is Biblically endorsed.
I am generally not my political or conspiracy theoried self w/ this blog; this is mostly a way for friends & family & the random passer-by to stay updated... but I've not the time to start another blog for those reasons. However the direction the world is going w/ the Liberals applauding is terrific. (Using the original terrifying/ horrific definition.) The blatent disregard for human life is not simply pro-life or pro-choice, though that was a good door prop. It is turning towards anti-child or anti senior or anti-special needs w/ our upcoming health care. Don't watch this w/ children around, these people are depraved.

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