12 September, 2010

A Visit

My mom, sister & nieces drove over from Mo. to spend a week w/ us, what a FULL week. I loved seeing them but we were out of the house so much, I was getting to miss my house. I didn't get to the goat pen once, poor goaty's. (That is what Charlotte calls them in her sweet little voice: "Good morning goaty girls!") Not really, Mike handled it all week which made me very glad that I had handled it all the week before as he was starting school. We don't really have a schedule, it's just whoever gets to it. I generally do it late mornings & he during some random cigarette break.

But we had so much fun! The cousins tired each other out, Victor slept in until 9 one day, I think for the first time in his life. Mom & I did a wine tasting, which I've never done, but enjoyed. I think Miranda is the only one who didn't enjoy the visit as much. She did enjoy all of the extra chickens to look at, but I don't think I picked her up except to nurse her. Also we were out of the house so much she was constantly in a disposable diaper & we're battling a rash. Also She grew 4 teeth in the last week w/ 4 more surfacing. On the whole she is such a happy teether. I'm hoping to catch a picture of it but she has vampire fangs, top canines & the bottom 2 front. The next bottom 2 are pushing through & her top gum is slightly bulgy so I need to try for it quick.

We are finally getting some rain tonight, praise God, it's been nearly 2 weeks. My vehicle is filthy. I hope to have pictures later but I didn't catch any until the last day. I'm hoping to try for 2 posts this week, stay tuned.

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