27 September, 2010


We've been very blessed by our church this last weekend, all of the men came out w/ their chainsaws & helped us clear up some of the mess the loggers left. It was the first time that most of them had been here & we were able to offer free firewood & dirt bike trails to some. We had good fellowship & were really blessed by the body of Christ in action. We had a giant burn pile that kept going all night until God's next blessing...

So far, we've received about 1 & 1/2" of rain, the first in nearly 4 weeks. My fall garden & the fruit trees have been struggling but the forecast is to continue on until Tues. I hope so. It finally got out of the 90's today & is starting to feel like Fall. We live where there is something called "Leafers", a pestilence (say the locals & the Weather channel) that is due in a couple of weeks, clogging the roads so city people can look at trees. Poor city people, I can't feel too smug, wasn't I there last year? No, it was the year before. There but for Grace, etc.

The baby weight is gone & I'm down to my pre-pregnancy numbers of 140. Cheers! (That might be off, I still had Charlotte's baby weight at 145 when I conceived Miranda.) Unhappily, fewer numbers do not equal my clothes fitting; to celebrate I moved my skirt buttons to the very possible ends of their respective tabs. Boo, hiss. I can only take this to mean I burned off all of my under utilized muscle instead of fat storage. I might get it back, I'm certainly not puny. Hauling babies, baskets of wet clothes, buckets of water (the handle broke today :( ) & my new favorite, splitting the wood might put some muscle back on me. I've got the biggest build in my family. Wait, pictures! This is myself, mom & my younger sister. Aren't we fine?

I'm terrible w/ pictures, I didn't get any until the day they left. I need to take a new one of the living room, we've rearranged the furniture & mom brought some things that make it look so homey. Looking at pictures, check out my sisters children, we stacked them w/ mine & decided that they look less like cousins & more like siblings. Our helpers...

Our blondies...

And our babies. There is 7 months between them.

My baby is a vampire, I've not seen this teething order before. Check out her fangs!

Mom also brought a milk crate of books I used to have, like 15 of those Great Illustrated Classics. Victor loves those, we check them out at the library whenever we find one, but I think we've exhausted their supply. Victor asked to read "Swiss Family Robinsonhood" so we've started that. Every time Mike walks by us I am reading a part about the family killing another animal so now we're reading "The Swiss Family Murderson."

And lastly we ran out of jelly this week. Not something to normally blog about, but Victor will eat PB&J every day for lunch if I let him. I usually do let him too, it's easy to balance out & he simply would not believe me. He burst into tears, bargained, threatened fasting, acts of disobedience, canceling our date night & the list goes on for 10 stormy minutes, but no jelly appeared. I was grieved to see this rebellion in him until he quieted down & calmly & forcefully w/ his finger pointed at me w/ this ultimatum, "Mommy if you don't give me peanut butter & jelly to eat, I will throw 3 unkind cats at you & they will scratch your arm!"

Oh how I wanted not to laugh & to be sadder at his rebellion! But I was done for, I've never had unkind cats thrown at me much less 3 of them. He got yogurt & Graham crackers instead.

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Amanda said...

Oh thank you for the great laugh. I had to really LOL at the unkind cats.