01 September, 2010

8 Years!

Yes, another anniversary post. Yesterday we celebrated our 8th year together & it was & is a very good week. We're generally considerate of each other, but this week, it seems we're more considerate than usual & family morale points are up. (It's a running joke, pretending to be a video game; if someone is sick or injured we lose health points, etc., like The Oregon Trail.)

We asked my niece to come over the Friday before so we could spend the morning together shooting. He had gotten me a beautiful shotgun, a Remington Wingmaster w/ rifle sights & had me put it though its paces & familiarize myself w/ it. I tried a sitting position w/ the SKS, which I've never done, & he had scattered cans full of water for me to hit at 25 yds. I did well enough to not embarrass him. Not so much w/ the revolver, he told me to stick w/ the Glock.

Tuesday I didn't mention Date Night to Victor; so he went to bed. Mike had come home from school w/ flowers. Those colorful plants you see in the grocery store. For me! I never get flowers; I thought perhaps at the 10 year mark, but 8 was so unexpected, I was thoroughly delighted & he w/ my surprise. He's given them once before when I came home from Kuwait & we both agree that there was some other occasion which neither of us remember so this is the 3rd. Look!

He got lilies, because the goats ate the ones I planted & they're doing something really cool; the purple daisies must be dyed because the water is becoming a lovely purpley pink color, it goes well w/ that paper ribbon I rigged up. Victor & I cut off a white rose & put it to drink separately from its own vase of green water in the hopes that it will turn green. They are so nice to look at & I can smell them as I'm doing the dishes.

Traditionally we share a bottle of wine & this year was a 1999 Fetzer, cabernet sauvignon. This might have been the first bottle we ever purchased. I've moved it back a few times to have it at least 10 years old because the oldest wine I've ever had was 14 years old & it was superb. Not so w/ the Fetzer. Firstly I noticed that the cork was made of cork instead of whatever that foam composite stopper is that they're putting out now. I smelled it. Not promising. Ack! I let it breathe for about 5 minutes before pouring it. Then the swirl. Many tears, redolent of...vinegar. I was disappointed but not enough to not take another sip.

Vile, but Mike had picked up some mozzarella balls & cherry tomatoes in oil & spices. They cleared the palette. I was picking up the glass for a 3rd sip when I swear the room tilted a bit. I couldn't believe it, 2 sips? It had increased in terribleness of taste over the years (I hope it was better than that in 99') & alcoholic potency. I can generally have 3 maybe 2 & 1/2 glasses before feeling effects. One glass of this got me tipsy, so I quit.

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