28 October, 2009

Good October Things

DV, this will be our last week in the camper. VA had turned our low (I thought) loan down, citing "not enough residual income"so phooey on them. BB&T has supplied us w/ what we lacked for the short term & we really think we can pay it off in 5 years. That's our main goal anyways. Everyone had planned on closing sometime this week, but now it's looking like next Mon. or Tues. Then... we can move in! Mike has 2 interested parties in the RV & we've paid up for another month, so we'll clean it out & show it off here where it's all set up.

Today has been chill & rainy w/ every one hanging out inside. I washed every one of Charlotte's diapers as we'd been out the last few days; it was a bigger than usual wash day as Victor's pullups can't hold all that's in his bladder at night. I don't know what to do, I cut off all of his liquids at 6:30 & make him relieve himself right before 8:00 bed. He's doing another growth spurt & I suspect he has the bladder capacity of a 5 or 6 year old; pullups just aren't built for it. Charlotte didn't sleep well last night so she had a long nap to make up for it. Victor & I took the opportunity to go the Food Lion.

I rotate between Bi-Lo, Ingalls & Food Lion. I like them all! We don't get the shopper/ VIP cards because they remain store property, & all of your purchases are tracked & stored. Sound paranoid? Maybe, but if we have friends staying w/ us, it's no one else's business. How do they tell? Your toilet paper purchases. http://www.nocards.org/ & also http://www.spychips.com/ Anyway, everyone is so nice here, 9 times out of 10 the checker's will swipe their own cards for you.

We're far south enough that a shopping cart is called a buggy instead. That cracks me up, but not nearly as much as Victor's new accent. He has some friends & I don't know if they made fun of him or commented or what, but he's picked up on the fact that he sounds different & he's taking great pains to hide his Va. roots. "No Charlotte, put it in the trayash right nayow! Get in the vayan!" We tease him for it a bit, but I expect we'll pick some of it up in the next 15 years or so.

Mike received a bow from a friend & he spent the morning getting acquainted w/ it under the awning. I guess he did good, he missed 4 out of 30 shots & his sights were on upside down. He's anxious to begin hunting, but as we're not yet residents a license is not feasible for this year. These RV guys are crazy, they went out hunting bear w/ bows, but all they did was get their truck stuck.

Yesterday was a beautiful day & we kidnapped my niece Amanda & went for a walk on the Greenway, right along the Catawba river. It was (is) a very pretty walk, not terribly far from where we hope to get the land.Victor walked almost a mile & 1/2, he did very good. I carried him the last 2/10ths uphill, he was so tired. At least until he saw the playground at the end, then he forgot all about his muscles hurting. Charlotte walked a goodly ways herself, but we had the stroller for when she played out. We all played while Mike walked another mile back to get the van & pick up lunch for us.

I finally got in contact w/ a midwife today, but as midwifery laws are so much stricter here, that's all I'm going to say about it. I'm happy to have a contact though.

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Cherishing Young Biblical Womanhood said...

I pray that November is finding you and your family well. How are you all? Still praying for you,
Your friend,Kristal