02 October, 2009

Boring Alert: RV Schedule

It has been nothing but busy here. You would think that living in dramatically smaller quarters would mean less cleaning, but I have found the opposite to be true. We need to shop more often for less quantities due to lack of storage as well. Our routine goes something like this:

12:30-6:00- Charlotte wakes up ravenous needing to eat NOW. We lay back down together if it's after 4:00.
8:00- Everyone is awake, though only the children & I are about. It's averaging about 55-60 degrees in the camper during the AM. Cid stays in bed because there is no room to maneuver w/ 2 adults moving around. I get them dressed & make them breakfast. Charlotte is like a hobbit & this is her second breakfast. We do our chapter of Proverbs or Bible story while they eat. When they're done they do their chores. Victor feeds Buck while I water her, then he runs the Swivel Sweeper (Great for RV's! Charlotte broke it, but it fixed easy w/ 100mph tape.) over the floors & I do the dishes. Charlotte gets a rag to wipe the benches & cabinets. She also likes to stand on the couch & wave the scrubby brush over everything I've rinsed.
9ish- The children & I go to the Washhouse to start laundry while Cid makes breakfast & leaves for bank/property business if he's not gone already. Laundry is an every other to 3 day chore. Diapers are every other day; diaper days are longer because I wash them by hand in the laundry sink. It's not a full washer load & I'm not paying 1.50 for a half empty washer. If sheets have been soiled that's different. Non diaper & wash days are turning into library story & shopping days.
11:00- We're eating lunch & the windows are open!
11:30- More wiping & Swiveling, maybe a deeper cleaning on my part. This is the first time all 4 of us have had to share a bathroom & it needs a swish & swipe.
12:00- This could be collecting the laundry, doing our read aloud, a craft, a walk, playing on the swings, looking at a property, maybe checking my email? Afternoons are pretty open.
1:30-2:00 Charlotte has her nap & Victor gets a snack. I'm trying to get him to do some school, but he's usually tired. Tired, but not sleepy, I have plans for this later, but not in the camper. Sometimes he'll take the trash out or collect firewood w/ daddy. He likes to tell me rambling stories about crazy stuff, sometimes he does fall asleep & I can get the laundry folded & put away.
4:00- Charlotte gets a snack & she &Victor play together; I get to clean between refereeing & prepping for supper. Close the windows.
5:00- I'm cooking (or we're eating out!) & Cid is home telling me what all he found out during the day.
5:30-6:30- Victor often will take longer than this to eat if you let him. He has so many thoughts & observances to share his food is always cold & unappetizing by the time he gets to it. Sometimes a dessert bribe will motivate him, but more often it goes to the fridge for Charlotte's midnight snack.
6:30- Supper clean up & the usual tidying up chores. It's starting to get chilly by about 4:30, so everyone is more anxious to get inside. They play or read to each other for an hour unless it's bath night.
7:00- Baths or shower.
7:30-Teeth washed, stories & prayers.
8:00- Lights out. I generally either shower, finish dishes or prep the coffee pot in no particular order. Or I'll do all of that at 9 & sit w/ Cid for an hour so we can talk outside by the fire.
10:00- I'm done!

This is general, we might have gone to look at a property, shot guns w/ the family, or something.
Other news is forthcoming, but I'm 1/2 an hour past my bed & as yet unshowered. I'll try to post something tomorrow, hopefully shorter.

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Brian Jahay said...

Sounds like a pretty regimented day. I hope that you are enjoying it. I hope that you and the family get a chance to come down here soon. Hunting season has started along with the fall semester. It is nothing but busy. I hope all is going well talk to you later.

Brian Jahay and Family