04 February, 2011

My Next Book Purchase

should be yours too.

Michael Bunker is on my blog roll & he & his family have been the bulk of my letter writing activities this past season. He pre-released some chapters & wow. This is one of those books that does NOT give you warm fuzzies. Even though Mike & I initially moved out here to be more self reliant, it's a pretty sobering realization to realize how much of our mindset is off still. Get this book. Whether you are a back to the lander, a believer in the global community or a hippie where the planet is more important than the people this book addresses everyone in every situation.

It's not a huge publisher so he's asking for a book bomb on March 4th, only on Amazon. I honestly believe that every person I know will be challenged by this book especially at the pace things are disintegrating. Am I the only one who heard groceries at the store going up 15% this year? I swear I heard it this week but I'm having trouble finding a link. It's only logical if the weather continues in this non pattern, wheat (Russia had no crop this year) & corn prices rise thereby beef & pork will continue to climb. The current American mindset has got to be killed, one mind at a time if our country is to back away from the brink of disaster. This book makes for a good gun.


JAB said...

Mrs. V,

This was an effective way to promote the book. I like the "my next book purchase." Nicely done!

Quick and easy!


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